hybrid-search | A modern and progressive Search & Consultancy Practice
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Who We Are

A modern and progressive search and consultancy practice with global reach, we offer a retained service that combines the best elements and thoroughness of an executive search process with the adaptability of a contingent recruitment company. Specialising in Chemicals, Manufacturing as well as Trading, Shipping and Distribution, we excel at identifying high potential candidates with the ability to be future leaders.


Through our transparent project plan and assessment methodology, we have established a successful track record in delivering mid to senior level strategic hires into global companies ranging from smaller SME’s to multibillion turnover businesses.


Along with finding high level talent, we also help companies plan for current projects and future hiring strategy through Hybrid Consultancy. Our wide range of services and flexible approach ensures that our clients will receive a bespoke service, tailored to suit their needs.


Hybrid Search was founded by co-founders Daniel Kaczmarski and David Wilson. After forming a successful partnership over several years, they saw a space in the market for a search firm that offers a personable service and delivers results both accurately and efficiently. Daniel and David launched Hybrid Search in early 2017, turning their vision into reality.

What We Do

We understand that in order to attract the very best people organisations, we need a deep understanding of the company, culture, strategic goals and what makes you an attractive organisation to join.


We apply the principles and added value of an executive search company and deliver this in an efficient and cost effective way. We proactively headhunt within the passive market on behalf of our clients, formally assess and judge on the technical and behavioural skills and provide a shortlist of the very best candidates for the role.


How We Do It

At Hybrid Search we have developed an innovative Project Plan providing full transparency to both our clients and candidates during each phase of the search process. To gain an in-depth understanding of our Project Plan, please visit our Recruitment and HR Services page.

Hybrid Values

Delivery and Reliability
Customer focussed and Value for Money
Flexibility and Agility


The Hybrid Search team has extensive experience working globally across the following sectors:

Trading, Shipping & Distribution
Construction & Infrastructure


Our Consulting Team delivers the following services:

Hybrid Search
Hybrid Consulting