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Case Studies

Establishing A Sustainable Business Through Key Hires

A Chemicals Case Study In Yorkshire, England

Creating two key roles was a challenging yet essential step in creating a sustainable company structure for a specialty chemicals manufacturer.

Chemicals Business At Crossroads Over Succession

A Chemicals Case Study In North West England

A leading European manufacturer of specialist chemical products was at a critical point in recruiting key positions within their business.

Leading Senior Logistics Hiring Through Relocation

A Logistics Case Study In Africa

A global freight forwarding company had a pressing need for three Logistics Managers spread across different locations throughout Western Africa.

Implementing An Efficient Commercial Structure

A Global Trading Case Study

A leading global bunker trading business had identified a weakness in their commercial team structure. 

Strategic Approach To Securing Senior Leader

A Construction Case Study In The United Kingdom

A leading UK building and engineering company had identified a need to create a new role within the senior management team.

Constructing A National Succession Plan

A Construction Case Study In The United Kingdom

A leading UK building and engineering company is in need of a succession plan for critical roles that are hard to fill and required across various locations throughout the UK.

Chemicals Site Under Pressure Over Succession

A Chemicals Case Study In Spain

A recently acquired commodity chemicals manufacturing site in Spain faces a major change in leadership when the Site Manager announces his retirement.

Manufacturing a massive restructure

A Manufacturing Case Study In North East England

A manufacturing site in the North East of England restructures both the technical and commercial sides of the company in order to rebound from a challenging time and drive the business forward.

Trading Up In The Agriculture/Biodiesel Market

A Trading Case Study In Northern France

Following the resignation of a high performing trader, the manufacturer based in Northern France is facing a time sensitive search for a replacement with the ability to become a future leader.