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Construction & Infrastructure

With the majority of critical roles involving a high rate of turnover and a need for multiple placements spread out over a company’s projects, a strategic and fluid approach to recruitment is crucial within the Construction & Infrastructure sectors.


Hybrid specialises in providing companies with invaluable market insight and analysis, allowing for complete visibility of the talent landscape when making strategic hiring decisions and planning for succession.


Head of Sector

Daniel Kaczmarski – Co-founder

e: dk@hybrid-search.com | m: +44 7453 306 388

  • Daniel was previously Head of Research for a global executive search firm where he delivered over 30 searches across Europe and Africa.

  • Within Construction & Infrastructure, Daniel has worked globally, leading on recruitment of various management roles from project level to company director.

A snapshot of our projects

SSHEQ Director Talent Mapping & Engagement – UK
Finance Director – UK
Planning Manager Succession Planning – UK
Quantity Surveyor Succession Planning- UK
Project Director Succession Planning – UK
Design Manager Succession Planning – UK
Head of IT Delivery – UK
Interim QS Director – UK