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Our wide range of consulting services and flexible approach ensures our clients receive a bespoke service, tailored to suit their needs. Please see our main service offerings below:

Talent Mapping & Pipelining

Our Talent Mapping & Pipelining service helps organisations to meet their future talent strategy plan. Where there is an ongoing demand for a particular skill set over a longer period of time, Hybrid can create a ‘talent map’ by looking at competitor organisations and pipeline potential candidates, either for immediate hire or future engagement. We can also analyse their ‘talent’ and potential – how they can add value to the business now and where they can deliver value in the future.

Competitor Analysis

We provide a true reflection of our clients’ top competitors. This includes company structure, salary details, position titles, as well as employees length of service and their contact details. A Competitor Analysis project can provide invaluable information to companies that are looking to create new roles or implement new team structures.

Labour Availability Analysis

In order to help our clients’ decision making process, we offer an in depth analysis of the labour available at a local, regional, and even global level. By gathering insight on the level of experience and competency within an area, as well as mapping out competitor pay structures, we provide our clients with crucial data to plan for the future.

Team & Leadership Assessments

We comprehensively assess the competencies, motivations and future career ambitions of your existing team. This is achieved using a combination of competency based assessment techniques and psychometric testing. Assessments are led by our Director David Wilson and Business Advisor John Bush, along with a team of industry experts.

Career Transition Workshops

By delivering bespoke workshops, we help employees transition to new jobs and help to re-orientate themselves within the job market. We approach the workshop from the eyes of a Search Consultant and provide access to real time job market intelligence. Our workshops follow an innovative and flexible programme, suitable for both individuals and groups.