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Dr. Henry Sidsaph Joins Hybrid Team


Hybrid have continued their steady growth, bringing in Dr. Henry Sidsaph as Research Project Manager. His appointment makes the search and consultancy business’ team five members strong. 

Having just completed his Doctorate in Network Analysis for Chester University, Henry has joined Hybrid to help grow the research capabilities. 

“Hybrid is a great place for me to take the research tools and methodology I’ve developed and apply them in a practical setting,” Henry said. 

“Having the ability to help implement change is something I’m looking forward to.”

Although the search and consultancy industry will be a new challenge for Henry, he is familiar with one of Hybrid’s top working sectors; food manufacturing. 

“My research focused on supply chain analysis within alternative food networks,” Henry said. 

“I was introduced to SMEs to see what their main challenges were and how they could be overcome.”

Building on this experience within a start up team environment was a large reason why Henry was initially attracted to the role with Hybrid. 

“I’ve been managing research projects individually for the last three years and now I have the opportunity to be part of a team and help the company grow,” he said. 

“I’m looking forward to learning and using my research knowledge in a commercial setting.”

Throughout his experience in academia, Henry has had the chance to work internationally, contributing to conferences and projects throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

“Henry’s experience working abroad meshes well with our ambitions to grow our global footprint,” said Daniel Kaczmarski, co-founder of Hybrid. 

“We have already delivered projects in a number of European and African countries and Henry’s international research experience will help us build on this momentum.”

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