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We offer a retained service that combines the best elements and thoroughness of an executive search process with the adaptability of a contingent recruitment company. Specialising in Chemicals, Manufacturing as well as Trading, Shipping and Distribution, we excel at identifying high potential candidates with the ability to be future leaders.


Through our transparent project plan and assessment methodology, we have established a successful track record in delivering mid to senior level strategic hires into global companies ranging from smaller SME’s to multibillion turnover businesses.

Our Search Process

Search Phases

  • We kick off every search with an interactive face-to-face briefing meeting with the Hiring Manager and HR. The meeting is invaluable, providing an opportunity to discuss the business, culture, strategy and role/person specifcation in detail. We also set project milestones and a deadline for shortlist delivery.
  • As part of the search analysis we ask the Hiring Manager to complete an online multi-rater job profiler that identifies the most critical functional and behavioural elements of the role. This is quick and easy to use, taking approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • As part of the attraction strategy we create a comprehensive Candidate Information Pack, including a detailed role profile, company overview and the search assessment process.
  • We also create a detailed company target list, using the information provided in the briefing meeting and our sector expertise as guidance.
  • We then map out all of the companies on the target list and start to identify potential candidates.
  • We approach candidates through a variety of methods. We introduce the opportunity, provide them with the Candidate Information Pack and start to assess their suitability for the role as well as their motivations for a potential move.
  • Initially candidates technical skills are assessed via a telephone interview.
  • If our research team is happy at this stage then candidates are invited for a face-to-face competency based assessment where we focus on the 3 key behaviours required to be successful within the role.
  • At this stage of the search we can also offer our clients the option of psychometric testing. We partner with both WillisTowersWatson and Thomas International.
Shortlist Appraisal
  • We deliver a concise yet detailed interview report for each shortlisted candidate to the Line Manager. Interview reports contain each candidate’s career overview, strengths, areas for development, career motivations, assessment performance scores, salary and package details as well as a summary statement written by the consultant managing the search.
  • Shortlists are presented to the Line Manager and each candidate will be discussed. This is conducted face-to-face if feasible.
Client Assessment
  • We keep in contact with both our client and the candidates throughout the 1st and 2nd stage interviews.
  • Through offering feedback to both our client and candidates, we ensure the process is as transparent as possible.

• We act as an intermediary between our client and the successful candidate throughout the offer stage to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the terms of the offer.