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We have extensive experience and success working across the global Chemicals and Petrochemicals sectors. Through our careers we have worked with a global chemical manufacturing business leading on searches across Europe and North America. Please see our case studies page for further details on specific assignments.

Manufacturing Sector


Our manufacturing experience stretches across Europe with OEMs, SMEs and Global Corporations looking to grow and develop their businesses. We have completed successful searches in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Germany, France and Poland.

Trading, Shipping & Distribution

The Hybrid Search team have a proven track record of placing high end talent in the Trading, Shipping and Distribution sectors at a global level. We understand the challenges facing these sectors and the key competencies required to be successful within them.

Construction & Infrastructure

Hybrid specialise in helping companies make strategic hires and plan for the future. We provide key market insight and analysis, offering our clients complete visibility of the talent landscape, both locally and globally.