hybrid-search | Working With Hybrid as an Interim Manager
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Working With Hybrid as an Interim Manager

Our goal is to place Interim Managers in compelling transformation and change projects that will further develop their portfolio.


In order to achieve this, we thoroughly qualify both the project and individual. We also ensure that project sponsors clearly define how success will be measured within a project and what the key deliverables/milestones will be. This allows us to provide our Interim Managers a detailed and clearcut project overview.


Our overall focus within Hybrid Interim is to create long lasting relationships with our Interim Managers. With a proactive approach towards representation, our goal is to create continuity of assignments with a focus on providing ongoing support.

Head of Interim Management

David Wilson – Co-founder

e: dw@hybrid-search.com | m: +44 7956 774 288

  • Through 4 of his 15 years in recruitment, David has enjoyed working with and placing senior interim managers into transformation and change projects across a number of sectors including NHS, private healthcare, local government and manufacturing.

  • David has experience placing Interims from Business Analyst to Programme Director level across transformation and change projects such as process redesign & improvement, business turnaround, organisation redesign and restructuring, strategic planning, construction new builds and new technology implementation.

Benefits of Working With Hybrid Interim

  • Sports Agent Model

    Our proactive approach to representation ensures that you are involved in the best projects to suit your professional ambitions.

  • Swift Payment & Administrative Support

    We don’t want you to worry about anything other than project success.

  • Detailed Project Documentation

    We thoroughly assess each opportunity and provide you with an information pack and project plan detailing the culture of the business, project context, role information as well as key project deliverables, milestones and timeframes.

  • Assessment

    We want you to have the best opportunity for success within a project and achieve this by qualifying our Interim Managers through competency based assessments.

  • Continuity of Assignments

    We proactively work towards your next placement before the conclusion of a current project to eliminate gaps between assignments.

  • Access To Permanent Opportunities

    If you are interested in putting down roots in a permanent role, we will utilise our network and search capabilities to find the best opportunity for you.

  • Transparency

    We offer complete transparency throughout our services.